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Bergen Art Museum

The life work of the 19th century painter Nikolai Astrup is on display at Bergen Art Museum. Each artwork is categorized, digitized and even geo tagged. Baraboom was given the responsibility to develop an app to enhance the experience. The app works as a digital guide, and using the QR codes located beside each painting it shows facts, contextual information and plays narrated recordings.

Rickard proposed the technical solution, designed the UI and graphics, lead the development and coded the frontend of a mobile web alternative. The advertising agency KnowIT, who placed the order, was awarded the Norwegian media price Guldhanen for "App of the Year" thanks to our work... Further orders included iPad support and design for iOS 7.

Eurofins Steins

The Eurofins Steins laboratory in Jönköping, Sweden, daily collects samples of all the milk that is being produced thoughout the country. First the milk is transported from the farms to dairys. Eurofins' trucks then collects large racks of samples in the fridges, and the temperature can never exceed 5 degrees on the way back to the lab. So far this handling has been a nightmare of paperwork, old school hand scanners, docking adapters and thousands of loosely connected spreadsheets.

Our job at Barabooms was to introduce a new, cloud based system with iPhone apps to make the work as simple and automated as possible. Rickard was responsible for the project and structure, had an influential part of the technical solution and headed up user experience and graphic design.

Eurofins says the transition was seamless, the drivers thinks the new app is super simple to use, the lab as a live overview of the status of each rack and truck, and the database is easy accessible to government regulators.

Auto Crisis

In 2009 Baraboom released their first iPhone game. For its time, the racing game had impressive lighting, cinematic effects and action. It even features like an open map, a seamless menu weaved into the 3d-graphic and the ability to race ghost cars saved from other players around the world.

Rickard was leading development from concept to release, and worked on UI, graphics, 3d modelling, animations, visual effects and sound effects.

App Store is a tough place for small startups, but the game gained a lot of publicity on gamer blogs worldwide and climbed impressively high at the top list in the Swedish App Store.

Games for Motion Picture

In 2010 the movie Yohan - Barnevandreren was released, as Norway's most epic movie production for kids and youth ever. It's recorded on the Norwegian countryside and in New York. To further reach the young audience, Nordisk Film decided they wanted a number of mini games as part of the marketing.

Baraboom developed three Yohan themed addictive games: a snowboarding game, a memory game, and a musical game. They were released on the website and in App Store (where they for no apparent reason got very popular in Saudi Arabia). The players could also invite/challenge their friends and watch the movie trailer.

Rickard managed the project, took part in coming up with game concepts, created the graphics and sound effects and designed the website for the motion picture.

Touch Display Maps

Sørlandssenteret in one of the largest malls in southern Norway. At the Grand Opening of the expansion, the management wanted to show off new interactive info screens with a high wow-factor. In contrast to all the bad examples out there, we focused on responsiveness and fluid 3d-animations, and made sure there could never be an error message or problems caused by lack of power or internet.

Our partner built custom infostations with high resolution 40" touch screens, and we could remotely view how they all kept working without a trace of a bug, month after month. Thousands of visitors used the screens ot navigate the mall. They could even send the instructions to their mobile devices via sms, and they could simply pick up where they left in the mobile webb app. That worked really well, because the whole system was built on html5.

Rickard was the project manager from start to finish, and supplied all the graphics, animations and css-coding.

Holiday Classifieds

Caravans and motor homes are often connected to dreams of summer, freedom and vacations. The startup Semesterbörsen launced a promising new classifieds website aimed at this category of vehicles and their would-be owners, but unfortunately had to shut down due to funding difficulties.

Rickard designed the frontend UI and backend UI of the site, focusing on user simplicity and few clicks.

Contest Platform

Upptech Science Center in Jönköping, Sweden, asked us to design a system where visiting teams could compete and solve challenges at different locations inside the building with the help of an iPad. The contest organizer handled introduction and wrap, otherwise the teams would be on their own during the whole competition.

Rickard headed up the system design work and made UI sketches for the developers.

Hillsong Sthlm

In my spare time I do volonteer work at Hillsong Church Stockholm. The church is frequented by a lot of young people, and is part of a fast growing global movement with high level production, music and visual profile. Recently four services were broadcasted nationwide on Swedish Television, and all four each reached the number one spot of most popular clips at SVT Play.

Rickard is one of the leaders of Hillsong Communications, doing things like TV/media, graphic design, web and stage design.

Skanska development store

The renowned construction company Skanska contacted us to find a simpler way of deploying tools and material to the workplaces. The foremen have access to temporary stores inside the construction area, where suppliers stock up whatever might be needed on short notice. The database was already set up, but they needed something super easy-to-use to handle checkout and collecting all needed verifications.

Rickard headed up the work of designing a system that automated 75% of data needed, and came up with a simple way to check out the items through an app on their own phone. He also designed UI sketches as a basis for Skanska's app developers.

iPad contracts

The Norwegian sanitation giant Avfall Sør found that their sales division was too slow. Binders filled with product sheets were quickly outdated, and notes from meetings had to be copied into spreadsheets, later to be organized into contracts that in turn had to be sent back and forth for signing before being in effect.

In 2011, Baraboom was awarded with the task to develop an iPad-based solution that could to all of this in a single step. The app collected up-to-date product data, presentations and customer data. The salesman was able to involve the customer directly, drag and drop products and services, adjust discounts and edit the contracts on the fly, and then simply sign right in the app. The customer immediately received a pdf copy of the contract via email, and the order was synced with the accounting system at Avfall Sør.

Rickard was part of the team from the first idea to rollout, and supplied the technical solution along with the design of the app and the web based admin interface.

Photo contest

The Noroff School of Media anually welcomes a large number of new students thanks to photo contests with generously set prices. The entries and the contest quickly go viral through a smart connection to the social networks. Baraboom developed the contest website as a plugin to Noroff's Joomla CMS.

Rickard coded and designed the frontend according to a moodboard supplied by the partner responsible for the full webpage, and managed the project.

Driver training

The Norwegian driving school Nettlappen.no offers courses on the web. In 2010 they contracted Baraboom to develop an iPhone app to log practice sessions and sell video courses within the app. Rickard lead the project, and produced the graphic design and UI.

Kristiansand Harbor

At the southern coast of Norway, huge container ships dock at Kristiansand Harbor. The crane operators, who loads an unloads all the containers, used to keep track of their work, pauses, delays and ship names via handwritten forms. These forms were later collected and used as a basis for what to charge the shipping companies and what to pay the crane operators.

Baraboom developed a very user friendly system, where the crane operators basicly just hit start and stop on their iPads. Everything is constantly stored in the cloud so you can't mess up your data. The harbor management is very satisfied, they get automatic summaries for each ship, better overview and has seen a drastic reduction of all the cheating with extra minutes added to the sheets.

Rickard designed the graphic interface, coded the html5 frontend, and was the project manager including uppdates.


Ecolor produces several of IKEA's furniture lines, and IKEA has high demands on quality and efficiency throughout all parts of manufacture. In collaboration with the company, Baraboom developed an iPad tool for a consistent quality assurance and action assessment.

Rickard's responsibilities included concept sketches to make the system super easy to use and look great.


Having a personal trainer in you mobile device is a business idea that many fitness centers are now going after. Baraboom were involved in the design phase of a new exciting service. An app where you are able to chat with your PT, see your personal workout plans along with instructional videos. You report your progress with the help of other workout apps made for running, lifting, bicycling or other forms of physical training. The system gives the trainer a clear overview of incomming messages, cliends and history, making it possible to be a PT to hundreds of customers in real time.

Rickard produced concept sketches, UI and worked on the technical solution.


Publisher Marknadsmedia produces magazine insets for municipalities, businesses and organizations, and finances it through ads. Baraboom was given the task to develop a mobile version, which added customer values like the ability to show image albums, video, interactive elements, maps and social sharing.

Rickard designed UI and graphics, coded the frontend for the web version and took project lead.

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